Workshop: “Raising the Quality of Students’ Learning and League Activities”


In addition to adjustment and innovation of the training programs for higher quality, the task of heightening the awareness of the youth who are learning in the school is a great focus of BDU Management.  Recently, the province youth league, as well as the school party committee and directorate, together directed and supported many assignments for the sake of the school youths league and society members who are students. In the past 20 years, the school youth league and society both made distinctive imprints in training human resources for the province and the country in general. Nevertheless, such the league and society activities maintain a certain number of shortcomings for various reasons which prevent the school youths league from reaching its potential.

Hence, the Law Faculty’s youth league held, on December 12th, a workshop entitled “Raising the Quality of Students’ Learning and League Activities”.  This is a practical way to celebrate the success of the Ho Chi Minh Youth League Congress at Binh Duong Province and the National Congress ahead.

Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Bien Thy Huong – Member of BTV League, Party Secretary of the Law Faculty, presenting her opening remarks at the workshop.

Attending the workshop were Mr. Nguyen Tan Hoang Hai-Civil Law teacher from HCM Law University, Ms. Dang Diem Thuy – Phan Anh Ltd Co of Development Research and Consultation, Mr. Tran Huy Bang – BD Youth League’s Green Volunteer Club Management Board member, Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Bien Thuy Huong-BDU youth league’s executive member, representatives from faculties, student affairs department, and many other school students.

“Raising the quality of students’ learning and league activities” is the 2 – session workshop in which the speakers and guests took turns sharing skills and experiences in main matters such as learning methods, lessons learnt and studies of law science; the must-have knowledge for school graduates; the know – how and examples to make attractive activities for youth, and effective clubs; the must-have skills for league members to promote student engagement and both league and social activities.

Mr Nguyen Tan Hoang Hai – Civil Law teacher from HCM Law University speaking to students on learning and scientific research

After 3 hours’ intensive discussion, the workshop adjourned, successfully gaining valuable opinions that will help the young students come to a point of self-improvement, self-dependance and self-responsibility in learning and league activities.

Some pictures from the workshop:

Ms. Dang Diem Thuy – Phan Anh Ltd Co of Developmental Research and Consultation presenting “The ‘Must-have’s for school graduates”

Law Student- Le Minh Hoang-of course 18, speaking on the ‘must-have’ skills for youth league members

Students attending the workshop

Hoàng Hà